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Girl-Boy Behaviour

  1. Meeting of boys and girls for exchange of views and ideas is encouraged by parents and teachers.

  2. A wide circle of friends enables better understanding of the opposite sex.

  3. Meeting should be in groups rather than singly, preferably at homes.

  4. It should be more of friendship rather than intimacy.

  5. Respect for each other.

  6. Do not expect every relationship to end in marriage.

  7. Learn what concepts the person has about members of the opposite sex. Attempt to clear up the fallacies and prejudices.

  8. Be aware of attraction at the unconscious level when you meet each other.

  9. Single dates should be avoided at least not during the teenage.

  10. Self pity or pity for another person should not be the basis for relationship.

  11. The relationship should be based around activities and not around courting.

  12. Girls must be aware that male sexual instinct is very powerful at this age and is genital–centred. Anything that stimulates it will result in unavoidable acting out by the boy.

  13. If your friend is leading you to behave in a way which is not helpful to you as a person, but harming you in your peronal self or in your values or in your studies, then be courageous and break off the friendship. Do not confuse loyalty and friendship. Your first duty is towards your own self.

  14. Falling in love is no crime, but should be a timely and mature decision. The maturity does not mean only a physical growth, does not depend upon instinct, but on conscious and responsible decisions and independent thinking. Before committing themselves to a love relationship, they should spend time together, and get to know one another well.
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