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Sexual Variations

Once known as “Sexual Deviations” or “Sexual Perversions” are now called as “Sexual Variations.” The exact cause is not known. Freud thought it to be due to fixation at certain developmental stages, different complexes, immature personality, too much love or hatred for father, broken homes, etc. His views were discarded by the later scientists.

The classification of sexual behaviour by Freud such as normal-abnormal, healthy-unhealthy, mature-immature was discarded and they thought that each individual is somewhere in between these two extreme points. Therefore, the line of demarcation between normal and abnormal is very thin. That is why the scientists changed the term “Perversion” to “Variation.” However, one thing remains that the sexual activities which encroach upon others’ freedom (e.g., rape, sexual abuse), which cause diseases (e.g., STD/HIV/AIDS), which are socially unacceptable (e.g., incest, voyeurism, exhibitionism) or which are prohibited by law (e.g., sodomy, bastiality, sadism) should definitely be discouraged and dissuaded.

Sexual variations are mostly seen in men. The list of sexual variations is exhaustive. Over 150 variations have been recorded. Homosexuality has already been mentioned. The other variations commonly met with are as below:

  1. Exhibitionism: These men expose their sex organs to girls. They are not oversexed but are attentition seekers. They get sexual satisfaction when the girls frown, scream, run or get shocked.

  2. Voyeurism: These are “peeping toms.” A voyeurist gets sexual pleasure by peeping at a nude woman in the bathroom or at the couples engaged in sex. This is supposed to be an infantile form of sexual bahaviour.

  3. Sadism-Masochism: “Sadism” is a sexual deviation when the person gets sexual satisfaction by inflicting pain on the sexual partner. Sadism is sometimes life threatening. “Masochism” is quite the opposite of it. A masochist gets sexual satisfaction when he receives pain from his sexual partner.

  4. Transvestism: These men dress as opposite sex to get the sexual satisfaction. They do not do it openly. Secretly these men were bra or female underwear. However, they maintain their identity as males.

  5. Trans sexuals: These are persons who have a body of a man and a mind of a woman. There are also women whose mind is of a man. They strongly feel that they have got a wrong body and hence insist on changing their sex. They go for sex change operation. “Hijdas” are male trans sexuals. They cut off their sex organs in an attempt to become a female.

  6. Sodomy: Introducing penis in the anus of the partner. This is practised by homosexuals. A heterosexual male may also do it. This can transmit HIV, STD & Hepatitis infection.

  7. Bestiality: Having sex with animals may be seen amongst farmers.

  8. Fetichism: These men get sexually stimulated when they see a particular object belonging to the opposite sex, e.g., kerchief, bra, underwear, shoes.

  9. Incest: Having sex with a person of blood relation.

  10. Frottege: These men rub their sex organs against the body of others to get sexual satisfaction. It is common to meet such people in a rush in railways, cinemas, market places, where they get a chance to do so.

Whenever you come across any such activity which you don’t approve of, either ignore it, or try to run away from it or inform the parents/school teacher or police. At times, you may have to warn the person and tell him that you don’t like it. You should never submit to any one against your wish in the matter of sexuality.

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