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Men having sex with men are called “Homosexuals.” Woman having sex with women are called “Lesbians.” By the norms of the society, homosexuality is abnormal. However, scientists have found that 3 percent of population is homosexual and this is accepted as a normal variation (like left handedness). A homosexual is a normal person in every respect except for his sexual preference. It is not possible to identify a homosexual by his external appearance. They have a normal behaviour. They are found in all cultures and all strata of the society.

A homosexual is also known as “gay.” A homosexual and his sexuality should be respected as much as one's own. During the sexual act they hug, kiss each other practice oral, anal sex (sodomy) and mutual masturbation. Homosexuality is prohibited by law in our country. The purpose of nature (i.e., reproduction) is not served by this relationship. Homosexuality is not without danger. A homosexual can get STD (veneral disease) HIV/AIDS or hepatitis (jaundice) if he goes on changing his partner.

Why does an individual become a homosexual? Is it possible to convert him to a heterosexual? These questions are difficult to answer. Homosexuality is supposed to be due to genetic predisposition. Some say it is due to faulty upbringing. According to Freud an individual first loves himself, later he loves the persons of the same sex and still later, he loves the persons of the opposite sex. Homosexuals are those who get fixated at the intermediate stage of personality development. Prisoners, sailors, soldiers practise homosexuality when away from home. They become heterosexuals as and when the opportunity is available. Hence in some persons homosexuality is found to be an alternative method of sexual outlet.

Adolescents may find pleasure in fondling of genitals while playing with the friends of the same sex. Some may practise homosexual activities for some time. This is a normal transitional phase of development. This may cause a feeling of guilt and shame in the adulthood. It is this feeling rather than the act itself that harms the person. The past episode should be forgotten. Attempts have been made to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals, but were found to be futile. However, those homosexuals who are strongly motivated to become heterosexuals, can certainly be helped by sex therapists. “Aversion Therapy” or “Systematic Desensitization Therapy” are the psychotherapeutic modalities that can help them.

Those homosexuals who strongly wish to refrain from homosexuality should try to do a follows:

  1. Tell the partner that you are disinterested in homosexual contact and hence he should not meet you.

  2. Take more interest in your hobbies and be engaged in it.

  3. If a thought of homosexuality comes to your mind, put it off and think of something else. Pinch your arm to create aversion towards such thought.

  4. After getting up in the morning, stand before a mirror and advise yourself not to indulge in homosexual contact on that day. Congratulate yourself at night before going to bed for successfully doing so. Do this every day.

  5. Try heterosexual fantasies and feel good about it. Some adults or pedophilics (persons having sex with children) may induce the adolescents for sexual relations.

These men may buy sweets for them, take them to a cinema or to an isolated place and may sexually abuse them. The adolescents should be bold enough to refuge such offer. If any one tries to touch the genitals or make any sexual advances unexpectedly, he should be reprimanded immediately by saying loudly, “Stop it, I do not like it.” Invariably such people are cowards and not criminals. They respond favourably to your anger. If he continues inspite of your warning, you should leave the place immediately and without feeling offended inform your teacher, parents or the police. If you submit to him even once, you will be victimized repeatedly. Sexual abuse like this is a crime.

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