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Book Review

The Most Important Capsule In Your Home Medicine Chest
The Complete Family Medicine Book
Drs. P.C. Dandiya & J.S.Bapna

"An indispensable work of reference for any family"
Indian Express

"Undoubtedly one that every householder with a bulging medicine chest should find room for in his library. This book maintains that every individual must know the "how", "when" and "why" of drugs… Refreshingly, the authors do not mince words.
The Statesman

"A remarkably useful reference book which demystifies medicines… a boon to all lay people who are virtual hostages in the hands of doctors today."
The Times of India

"Designed as a family guide to medicine, it attempts to answer questions relating to the right use of drugs. By incorporating the likely adverse effects and the Necessary precautions in the administration of each Category of drugs, the authors have made the book Very useful."
The Tribune

"The book’s purpose is to facilitate effective and non hazardous drug usage… readable and informative."
Health for the Millions

7th Revised, Updated, Edition.
Rs. 150
Large Format.

Hot Water Therapy
Dr. Patrick Horay & David Harp

  • If you ever suffer from:
  • Tension headaches from stress
  • Chronic backache from hours of desk-work
  • Sprains and strains from weekend sports
  • Injuries from accidents
  • Painful joints and muscles due to over-exertion again or inactivity

Hot Water Therapy can help.

This book will introduce you to simple, effective Techniques you can use while relaxing in your shower, Bath, or hot tub to relieve pain and strengthen aching Muscles. And they take only a few minutes to do!

You will learn that you can save your "bad back" By using a combination of gentle massage, exercise And stretching. When you blend these routines with The soothing, healing qualities of hot water, you’ll Enjoy the age-old benefits of spa treatment – right In your own bathroom.

Illustrated pp 152 Rs. 75.00

Nature Cure for Common Diseases
Vithaldas Modi

"Comprehensive … presents in a simple straight forward and convincing manner the advantages of Nature Cure or Naturopathy in aiding recovery from All acute and chronic ailments and conditions and In maintaining health and vitality."
Hindustan Times

"… contains many useful hints for the layman, both for the prevention and cure of ailments."
Bhavan’s Journal

"The most welcome aspect of naturopathy is that it does away with pills and nostrums."
Indian Express

PP 200 Rs. 45.00
Available at all bookshops and by VPP
Madarsa Road, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006

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