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Relieving Old Age Problems

A few old-age symptoms respond well to manipulate therapy. Persons of fifty years of age and over experience some stiffness of the cervical spine. They feel disturbed while sleeping, putting the blame on the faulty position of their sleeping pillow or prolonged fatigue. Sometimes a little disturbance is sufficient to bring about a headache. It may be caused by bad posture or a wrong way of doing work or inactivity. Relief is felt by taking a painkiller or by applying warm water to the upper back. Such people find difficulty in balancing themselves, and are afraid of crossing the road on their own. They feel as if they are going to fall down. They feel giddy when they turn their head to one side or while bending it backwards. They may have ringing in the ear, or suffer a hearing loss. They feel as if they have specks of dust in front of their eyes. Occasionally they may also experience difficulty in speaking or hoarseness, hot flushes or perspiration. Nose or eye secretions may increase or decrease.

Psychic disturbances among old people are very common. They complain of mental fatigue, difficulty in concentration, loss of memory, depression and anxiety. These symptoms can occur in various combinations and with a varying degree of intensity.

Results of Manipulation

Giddiness and headache respond very well to manipulation. Fatigue in the eyes improves to a considerable degree. Manipulation has a good effect on nose and eye secretions too. Ear noises can be lessened a little bit, but the results are not satisfactory. Sometimes these patients are forced to take psychiatric treatment. Dr Feld, a neurosurgeon, drew attention to disturbances of cervical origin. These symptoms are now accepted as being related to vertebral artery insufficiency; cervical manipulation is justified in these cases.

Case History

  • A 74-year-old lady suffered from stiffness and occasional pain in the neck. Both shoulders used to pain and this went on for several years. She had spells of giddiness lasting for a few minutes each. On a few occasions she was semi-conscious for about ten minutes to half an hour. She did not remember things and her sleep was disturbed. The patient was treated with articulation and mild manipulation of the cervical spine. Her giddiness became less frequent, and she became more alert. She could move around in the house more easily and did not need help. She also felt relief from her shoulder pain.
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