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Review of Cure Aches and Pains through Osteopathy

Cure Aches and Pains through Osteopathy

Osteopathy n. a system of healing based on the theory that many diseases are associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Diagnosis and treatment of these disorders involve palpation, manipulation, and massage.
Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed.

Os-te-op-a-thy. a system of therapy based on theory that the body is capable of making its own remedies against disease and other toxic conditions .... emphasizes the importance of normal body mechanics and manipulative methods of detecting and correcting faulty structure.
Dorland’s Pocket Medical Dictionary, 25th ed.

Increasingly, and across the globe , doctors, orthopaedic surgeons , physical medicine consultants and hospitals are acknowledging the effectiveness of osteopathy. Using body massage and bone manipulation techniques this therapy is being used to treat a variety of pains and aches, from back aches, including lumbago and sciatica, knee and elbow pain, and frozen shoulder to cervical spondylosis, headaches and migraine.

Using examples, illustrations and case histories the book prescribes simple exercises, which can be done at home to relieve aches , pains and a number of other discomforts associated with joint problems, bone degeneration and old age. It suggests when, where and the kind of manipulation required to treat a problem by minimising the use of drugs and avoiding surgical options.

This lucid and easy -to-follow book by India’s foremost osteopath is invaluable for preventing, treating and curing all kinds of pains, aches and other related health problems.

The Author

Dr. Krishna Murari Modi is a leading osteopath and , perhaps, the first one to qualify from India. He was a practicing orthopaedist within the tradition of allopathy till he found himself dissatisfied with the inadequacy of this method in treating various types of aches and pains. He delved deeper and discovered that osteopathy, a therapy which could give tremendous relief to the sufferer, remained untapped.

Widely travelled through the US - the birthplace of osteopathy, European and Scandinavian countries, the erstwhile USSR and the Middle East, the author has gained firsthand knowledge of the latest advances in manipulative therapy. He has also written extensively on the subject.

He now runs a 100-bed hospital of alternative medicine – Dr Modi’s Karjat Health Resort at Karjat, Village Wanjale, Dist. Raigarh, Maharashtra. He plans to open a training centre for osteopathy and natural medicine shortly.

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