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Table III - Vitamins in Your Food

Vitamin Function in the body Main Source Recommended daily allowances for adults
A (fat soluble) Essential for normal growth and development including bones and teeth, it protects body from disease, especially the respiratory tract. Necessary for good sight, healthy skin and body tissue repair in general Milk, curds, butter cheese, pumpkin carrots, leafy vegetables, tomato mango, papaya, orange, melon apricots, peaches potatoes. 5000 I.U.
B1 or Thiamine (water soluble) Plays an important role in normal functioning of brain,heart, nervous system.Regulates carbohydrate, metabolism, appetite and maintains good digestion. Wheat germ, yeast outer layer of rice, wheat and other whole grain cereals especially after sprouting nuts, peas,lime soyabeans,dried beans,legumes soya,dark green leafy vegetables, milk,cheese, banana,apple, molasses 1.2-2.0
B6 or Pyriodoxide (water soluble) Helps in absorption of fats and proteins Rice, milk,molases, yeast, cereals,soya, and fresh vegetables 2-3 mg
B12 (water soluble) Essential for proper functioning of the central nervous system and proper utilisation of food for body building Soya Milk and cheese 3 mg
C Ascorbic Acid (water soluble) Essential for normal growth and maintenance of practically all body tissues, especially those having to do with joints, bones,teeth and gums protection against infections. Great help in quick healing of wounds Citrus fruits like orange, lemon,mosambi, amla, tomato, grapefruit,melons, potato and green leafy vegetable, cabbage, sprouted bengal and green grams. 50-75 mg.
D (fat soluble) Essential for proper bone and teeth forma-tion helps in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous Rays of the sun, milk, butter, cheese 400-800 I.U.
E (fat Essential for normal repro- ductory function fertility and physical tone.Helpful in cardio-vascular diseases Wheat or cereal germ, whole grain products, green leafy vegetables especially lettuce soyabeans. 12 I.U.

The most important nutrients that the body needs and some of the veg. foods which provide them

The body needs nutrients for These are called They are found in
Building and repair of the body Protein Cheese, milk, buttermilk, curds, peas, beans, lentils, soya, nuts.
Building teeth and bones. Minerals

i)Calcium ii)Phosphorous

Milk, cheese, flour,cabbage, backed beans,curry powder, dried fruits.
Transport of oxygen Iron Kelp, black molasses,cabbage,spinach.
Healthy nervous system and cell structure Magnesium Banana, leafy vegetables kelp, Dolomite.
Helping promotion of absorption and metabolism of protein and many vitamins.    
Energy Carbohydrates

I) Starch

ii)sugar (not needed for the body but often consumed)

Flour, rice, potatoes,cereals.sugar, jam, syrup,sweets, chocolate,tinned foods.
  Fats Butter, ghee, margarine, oil,milk,cheese,chocolate.

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