( By Dr. S. R. Jindal )

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Role of Exercises

The importance of exercise cannot be over emphasised - brisk walking, jogging or Yoga or hard games are vitally important for health. These activities are an easy way for most people to get regular exercises, as these do not require special facilities or equipments. However, one should consult a doctor before starting any exercise programme.

A 60 year old man, who exercises regularly is more fit than one of 40 years who takes no physical exercise.

Swimming is by far the best form of exercise for everyone. It makes the whole body work without over-burdening it.


  1. Makes you feel more energetic, enables better use of oxygen in the body, increases the lung capacity and also increases metabolic rate ;
  2. Increases resistance to fatigue and various diseases and give a new zest to life
  3. Tones up the muscles, glands, relieves muscular tension and cramps and increases stamina /strength ;
  4. Improves efficiency of the heart, lungs and all the organs of the body in general by improving blood circulation which in turn improves the nutrition supply to the tissues and elimination of wastes ;
  5. Reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, increases HDL ( good cholesterol ) ;
  6. Helps to control appetite, weight, diabetes,spondylosis, back pain etc. and improves digestion / bowel movement ;
  7. Improves the ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly ;
  8. Helps in coping with stress, depression, tension and anxiety.
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