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  1. What are the negative uses of power you see around you? (Passive behaviours.)

  2. What are the positive uses of power you see?

  3. Fill up the Powergram for yourself and write your contracts for change.

  4. Make out a Powergram together with your work group and make contracts for change.

  5. Comment on where you are as a leader in regard to the old and new views of the nature of power. Write up your Theology of Power.

  6. Rate yourself on the six sources of power listed by Gene Sharp, and how high or low yours is in terms of each source.

  7. Do people obey you? If so, why do they? If they disobey, why do they?

  8. How and what powers and functions do you delegate? Does it work?

  9. Analyze which phase of consciousness you are in and list the actions you plan to take to move to the next phase.

  10. What is your world view, and what are you doing as a leader to make it a reality?

  11. Rate your present position in terms of the values listed in the four Phases of Consciousness. Then get your group to rate them and together plan out how you will move forward on each value and what you will do to remove blocks.

  12. Study all the Figures in the leadership section and write a page on your views of what is this mystery which motivates you to lead or not lead, and those around you.

  13. Do you see anywhere collective leadership? how does it compare with societal/servant leadership?
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