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1. In your experience do people turn to Holistic Healing mainly for the reasons listed in this Chapter? Give examples. What other reasons can you add?

2. How do you integrate the Spiritual aspect of healing in your work?

3. How effective have you been in getting people to accept full responsibility for their own healing? Give examples.

4. How do you dealk with a person’s beliefs, attitudes, and values in your healing work? Give examples.

5. Write 2 cases about people who moved through illness to self realization.

6. Do you use NIM in your therapy? If so, how? and what is the effect? Give examples.

7. How do you deal with people who are mostly negative in their thinking, images and words?

8. List all the things you find that are keeping this world from being healthy - include the earth, the seas, and the Atmosphere.

9. What are you doing, or plan to do to make the world healthy/

10. Study Table 1 and list the therapies you use now in your work. List those you intend or would like to know more about.

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