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Man, the highest creation of God, is, by divine plan, born healthy and strong. It is when Nature’s rhythm and cycle are upset that the human system loses its natural capacity to renew and rejuvenate itself. Disorders and ailments set in when the body’s natural processes are strained and impaired through physical and moral excesses. Prevention of disease is indeed better than cure. Even if born with some inherited affliction, the individual can eliminate it or at least control it by putting to the best use all the elements available freely in Nature.

Health is ensured by observing the laws of nature. Their transgression inflicts the justifiable penalty of suffering and disease. In nature, the beneficial germs which pre- serve health and make for mental and emotional well-being are far higher in number than those of destruction which inflict disease. Hence, given the opportunity and encouragement to flourish and exert their influence, these germs can combat the unhealthy ones and bestow glowing health.

Reasonable care of oneself is worship. Essential health care ensures an independent, active, fruitful and fulfilled life while chronic illnesses render man a troublesome invalid dependent on other’s compassion.

Shri H.K. Bakhru has been contributing articles on various diseases and their cures through dietetics and nature cure treatments, which when put into practice can be of immense benefit to the connoisseur as well as the layman. The book, appropriately titled ‘ Diet Cure for Common Ailments’, covers the whole gamut of ailments which can be cured merely by proper food habits and regulation of one’s life, without recourse to medicinal treatment. The book is based on the theories and fundamentals of Nature Cure that go to preserve health and vitality and regain these when lost. It will undoubtedly be a boon not only to laymen but also to nature cure practitioners as a reference guide because of its practical utility.

Nature Cure has carved a niche in the realm of Curative Sciences in our country and abroad, though the protogonists of the drugless healing system have included a lot of other unorthodox treatments in their curative disciplines. Nature Cure, through its correct application brings about amazing changes that baffle the practitioners of modern medicine, devoid as it is of the crippling side-effects of drug treatments. The all-pervading truth is "Nature alone possesses the power of healing." There are not many institutions which cater to this system. Hence, many a patient cannot take advantage of it. Shri Bakhru’s book will serve as a useful guide to those who wish to treat themselves through this system at home.

I highly appreciate the commendable efforts and labour put in by Shri H.K. Bakhru in compiling this monumental treatise of immense value to posterity.

Dr. R.G. Krishnatray,
Director, Nature Cure Hospital,
Juhu Scheme, Bombay
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