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  1. Verify with respect to your own situation the myths about hunger discussed in Table 1. How true are they? Discuss.
  2. How has the food situation of the poor in your area been affected by

    1. environmental factors like deforestation, and
    2. developmental factors ?

  3. Find out how the range and diversity of diets has chnaged over the last 20 years among poor, middle incoem and upper income group people of your area. What are the changes in eating habits, cooking habits and food storage haibts ?
  4. How have modern agricultural practices like that of the Green Revolution affected people of your area? Discuss with reference to a specific group of people or a particularly vulnerable household.
  5. What are the poor people’s cereals grown and consumed in your area? How has the supply of these cereals been affected in the period 1965-89? Why?
  6. Study the section on dietary patterns and guidelines for the affluent. What could you add or delete from it? Discuss.
  7. What specific dietary/food guidelines would you recommend for the poor in your area?
    What is the basis for your recommendations?
  8. Comment on how the ICDS and PDS is working in your area.
    What would you suggest to improve their effectiveness?

    1. Described what food ideology, food preferences and food habits characterise any particular group you may like to discuss.
    2. Do you have any examples to support or contradict diet, behaviour and brain sensitivity? Discuss.

  9. Describe how commercialisation of foods has affected food availablity in your area. Would you support commercialisation of any particular, specefic food? Discuss.
  10. Discuss practices of adulteration in your area. What do you propse to do to check the same?

    1. Would you like to add/delete anything to the chapter?
    2. Are there any benefical/harmful food habits you would like to share? Discuss.

  11. Discuss your concept of a nutritional utopia.
  12. Discuss your concept of a holistic approach to nutrition.
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