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Copyright Acknowledgements

We wish to express our gratitude to the following publishers, individuals and institutions for permission to reprint, quote and help in writing the book (Volumes I and II):

  • Paulist Press : New Jersey U.S.A. ‘Leadership through Values ` by Brain P. Hall and Helen Thompson, copyright 1980 by Brain Hall. This material was a help in our Chapter 5.
  • The Foundation For Research in Community Health: for use of excerpts from their publication ‘Health Status of the Indian People’, December 1987, quoted in our Chapter 3 mainly.
  • Bihar School Yoga : for use of excerpts from their book Yoga-Nidra.
  • Dr. Anand H. Keswani: to reprint his chapter on ‘The Medical Heritage of India’ in the book The Science of Medicine and Physio-logical Concepts in Ancient and Medieval India as Appendix 1 of our Chapter 1.
  • Dr. Vikas Amte, Medical Superintendent, Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora, for sending a generous supply of articles and material to write a case study on Baba Amte and permitting us to publish the case study in our Chapter 10.
  • Indian Social Institute: Centre for Research Training and Action for Social and Economic Development , New Delhi, to use excerpts from their legal education series and Legal News and Views released to health by P.D. Mathew in our Chapter 9.
  • North River Press, New York: to quote from their publication Pills, Pesticides and Profits by Ruth Norris (Ed) in our Chapter 3.
  • Anumukti: for permission to quote with or without acknowledgement.
  • Collins Fount: Editor, Religious Books, London, for permission to quote without charge as long as the book is sold in India.
  • VHAI: to quote from their publication ‘Health for the Millions’ in our Chapter 6.
  • Navjivan Trust: from their publication Ashram Observation in Action by M.K. Gandhi for excerpts in Chapter 10.
  • Blue Mountain Centre of Meditation Niligiri Press, Petaluma, CA. to quote from their book A Man To Match His Mountains by Eknath Easwaran in our Chapter 10.
  • Contact publication of Christian Medical Commission of World Council of Churches, Geneva, for permission to use their material from an abridged version of the booklet World Hunger-Ten Myths, by Francis Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins, published in May 1979 by the Institute for Food and Development Policy in the USA. This appeared in Contact No.68, June 1982. pp. 1-14, and used excerpts in Table 1, in our Chapter 6.
  • Hem Lall Bhandari, a practicing lawyer of Bombay High Court for critiquing and sharing his ideas on our Chapter 6.
  • Shambhala Publications.Inc.Jonathan Green, Rights and Contracts Mgr. whose letter granting permission to reproduce the table from Jeanne Achterberg’s book Imagery in Healing came too late. Our Volume I had already come out, see pp.104-107. We gave credit but not in the form they requested, so we give the credit line here: "From Imagery in Healing by Jeanne Acterberg, 1985. Reprintd by arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc. 300 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02115, U.s.A."
  • Bhatrat Dogra for permission to use material from his publication Empty Stomachs and Packed Godwons in our Chapter 6.
  • Dr. R. M. Richaria for granting permission to reproduce parts from his book: Rice in Abundance for all Times Through Rice Clones, 1987, in our Appendix 3 of Chapter 6.
  • Dr. R. Rajalakshmi: For permission to reproduce material from her Applied Nutrition, Oxford/IBH Publishing Co., 66 Janpath, New Delhi 110001, in our Chapter 6.
  • Prof. Tara Mehta: For discussion on dietary problems and dietary guidelines for the affluent and the poor in our Chapter 6, and for general help on nutritional issues.
  • World Bank: For permission to use material from World Bank Staff Working Paper No.456(1981),and World Bank Discussion Paper No.49 (Subbarao,1989).
  • FAO: For permission to reproduce Figure 1 of our Chapter 6 from Agricultural Development and Nutrition, 1985, p.21.
  • SPWD: (Society for Promotion of WastelandsDevelopment) for permission to reproduce The Choise Before Us’ in our Chapter 6, from Professor Madhav Gadgil’s foundation day lecture on deforestation.

For others to whom we wrote, and either our letter got lost for their reply, or they moved so letter was returned to us: Address unknown. We assume permission to sue the material as our deadline of going to press is past and acknowledgement is gfiven in the text.

Carol Huss

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