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Sr. CAROL HUSS, Ph.D., is a Fellow of the American College of Hospital Administrators and a Medical Mission Sister with over 35 years of experience in health care in India as a nurse, midwife, and administrator. She has been trainer, consultant and programme manager of health care administration education at the Voluntary Health Association of India in New Delhi, a member of the visiting faculty at the University of Delhi, in MBA evening courses in health care administration, and, since 1980, directing ‘Alternative Strategies of Health Care’through one-week and one month courses at the Holistic Health Centre, Pune. Sr.Huss is the author of ‘Indian Hospitals: Planned Organisational Change in their Structure and Function’ (VHAI,1975) and a contributor to several journals of Holistic Health. Her most recent contributions include ‘Management Process in Health Care’.(VHAI,1982), the first comprehensive book on this topic produced in India, ‘Holistic Health Work Book’, 1988, and ‘Banyan Tree’. Vol.1,1989.

MEERA IYENGAR has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay and specialises in Family and Child Welfare. She has worked as a social worker in a family welfare agency, as a teacher of economics before taking special training in the teaching of the handicapped and working as a special teacher in a school for the disabled. She was working on research projects at the Holistic Health Centre, Pune while training as a Holistic therapist, whenshe wrote Chapter 9: Laws and Legal Aid for Social Action. At present she is working for a women’s action group in Indore.

RENU KHANNA has a Masters Degree in Business Adminstration, a B.A. (Hons) in Economics, and is a Special Member in the Application of Transactional Analysis to Management and Reorientation of Health Care Organisations. She has worked on several health care projects including Christian Medical College at Ludhiana. Since 1984 she has been a trainer, resource person and resource linker for dissemination of improved cookstoves among rural women, for organising urban women wastepickers and on environmental conservation and rural development. Her other active concerns have been healing, personal growth related work and traditional health practices. She has co-authoured the ‘Management Process in Health Care’.

Sr. STEPHANIE MAAS, a Medical Mission Sister has doen Nursing and Midwifery. After some years of practice, she did her M.S.R. in Radiography, diagnostic and therapeutic. She worked in the Middlesex Hosipal in London and completed her post graduation in Radiography and teachers certificate. Her main intersts are teaching and working in the medical field. She is interested in alternative medicines as it gives a ray of hope the masses to find some relief, whenever they become sick.

Sr. CELINE PAYYAPPILLY has degrees in Nursing and Nursing Administration from Delhi and Chandigarh and a Masters Degree in Holistic Health from U.S.A. She has had 18 years of professional experience as a Medical Mission Sister in nursing at all levels at Holy Family Hospital, Patna, including six years in charge of out-patients, 10 years as Assistant Nursing Superintendent and two years as Nursing Superintendent. She has trained in and now teaches a wide rang of holistic therapies at the Holistic Health Centre, Pune, which includes acupressure, reflexology, therapeutic touch, applied kniesiology, whole brain learning, zen shiatsu, acu-pressure massage and acu-yoga and is coordinator of ongoing workshops in human relations communications, personal growth and Stress Management. She is presently working on her doctorate in Holistic Health, on a new methodology for clinical research in holistic healing.

S. SRINIVASAN (CHINU) has postgraduate degree in nuclear physics, and in management. He has worked as a resource person and resource linker on projects related to health care, organisation and community development, drug production, environmental concerns, alternative technology and economic development. In recent years, he has been looking into public advocacy issues in India. His other basic interests have been in areas related to healing processes, personal growth and traditional health systems. He is also involved with promotion of low cost books and toys for disadvantaged children. He has been editor and contributor to several publications including the VHAI bimonthly, `Health for the Millions’, a book on `Management Process in Health Care’ and on other development issues.

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