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Ms.  Ami Jain


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Ami is Behavioral and Interpersonal Skills Trainer and passionate Digital Coach. Ami is a determined corporate trainer who strongly believes "Training is

Development of Self and others”

Ami is a dynamic, flawless communicator and Thought-Stimulating Trainer. This quality of hers encourages people to think differently and bring out solutions with a resourceful approach.

Ami Jain was raised in Mumbai and acquired her education from world’s leading university in London. Ami completed her MS in an Innovative course of Future Energy Systems. Her educational setting ensures she brings in International Standards to each of her programs. Ami went on to pursue her specialization in Solar Energy and Nanotechnology. The research experience she gained braced her with profound research skills and power analytical tools that equip her to diligently design her training programs.

Ami started her career in the Infrastructure Industry as Energy and Technology Expert. With her prolific and diversified Industry understanding; she has

detailed insights on the growing Business’s Needs.

Being a Progressive Technologist, she has attended and got certified at prominent global platforms. It’s her innate passion that steers her to the Training and Development sphere. She is deeply driven to shape the next generation of leaders with Coaching & Comprehensive Training.

Ami has mastery in Disruptive Thinking Skills and Innovation skills trainings. Her interests being Change Management, Digital Transformation skills, Creative Thinking and Adaptability.


Ami is an effective story teller and a vivacious speaker that makes her seminars and workshops very interactive and enterprising. Her approach is fresh and ingenious, training style: experiential and purposeful. Ami trusts, Integrated Growth is the only way forward.

Ami is a Certified Corporate Trainer and Digital Marketer .In addition Ami is the youngest Faculty at Indian Academy of Training and Development [IATD], a premier Training and Development Insitute.She has trained extensively on Self Transformation.

Ami has conducted full house public workshops on various topics as Self Improvement; Strength based Leadership, Public Speaking and Young Adult Career Guidance, Digital Marketing, Creativity and Innovation, Health –First Goal.

She has conducted trainings internationally and has been associated with various Training and Development groups across Europe, Singapore and Dubai.

She is an extreme fitness enthusiast, always a participant of Local Marathons a certified Bharatanatyam dancer and huge organic food lover. She has lived and extensively travelled across continents and in various countries namely United Kingdom[London],Africa [Seychelles], Australia[ Sydney] ,Singapore ,Malaysia ,Abu Dhabi and Dubai .The exposure and understanding of different cultures has benefited her in improving her communication and social skills, enhancing perspectives ,boasting creativity and most significantly getting real life education.

Adventure sports are meditation in her definition. She has certificates in Shark Diving[Sydney],Sky Diving [ Melbourne],Scuba Diving [Seychelles],Car Racing [Abu Dhabi],Surfing [Gold coast],Snorkeling [Seychelles],Extreme Rafting [Sydney],Knee boarding [Dubai].