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All our Health Seminar's and talks are free - please do come - you will enjoy them !

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Ms. Sharmee Divan


Sharmee Divan, trainer & motivational speaker
Mobile # +91 9821838811


 Trainer, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker
 BSc with a minor in Psychology at Purdue University, USA
 MSW with Counseling at IUPUI, USA
 Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, U.K.
 Clinical Hypnotherapist from EKAA, India
 Internationally Certified Assertiveness Coach, USA

Sharmee’s USPs:
With a background in Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sharmee is able to influence and inspire
her audience with great ease.
 Sharmee leads by herself as an example and shares success stories of her own as well as of her clients
and of many of her own inspirations in real life. Hence, it becomes easy to connect with her and relate
with the stories.
 Sharmee’s talks are engaging and interactive.
 She has a light-hearted and fun approach and still has a stable and comforting effect on the audience.
 She delivers strong messages and ideologies with laughter and joy.
 She keeps it simple but never fails to inspire!
 Sharmee is very passionate as a speaker.
 More than 14 years of experience in transforming lives through training and motivational speak.
 A multi-faceted personality who will push you to reach your highest potential.
 She personalises the course content to an extent that every participant feels that it is for him/her

Popular Workshops:
How to reach personal and professional success
2. How to survive competition
3. Mental well-being under pressure
4. Self grooming and personality development
5. Conscious living
6. Conscious parenting
7. Love Thyself