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Why Is It So Difficult To Focus

28th June 2019  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Raina Khatri Tandon


Raina Khatri Tandon , an International Educator, Breakthrough Coach, Women Empowerment trainer ,dynamic speaker and an Enterprising entrepreneur. SHE also takes up 1-1 relationship and career counsellor. An active Blogger, a wonderful singer and creative artist!

 Raina believes "YOU are the Leader of Your Life, Take Action that's the ingredient for Happiness”.

 Having Pursued Masters in VLSI Engineering U.K, her profound knowledge and colorful personality blend ,enfolds how effectively she motivates people to design the success in their life .She specializes in  Leadership training, Women empowerment,Relationshipmastery which provides participants the ideas of improvisation and "true purpose at every step of their life ", personally and professionally. .

 With over 14 years of rich experience, enigmatic presence, role plays, real life egs. Always connects her to the participants they visualize themselves as a "POWERFUL Achiever". Her sessions and workshops are engaging and fun. She also been a Panel speaker at L&D global Social Media connect (Learning and training platform) and has been event host and motivational speakers at Lions and rotary club evetns, Associations. She been featured in Midday, Vashi and Kandivali times related to training and mentorship. She also runs her Signature program- Workshop of Relive your relationships today. Which takes you over as experience all should undergo to have that essence, in relationship back in this digital world! She also runs the Pinkath on and Marathon for Navy and You can run and Kandivali Marathon & feliciatted for 10kms and 21kms a few times for women empowerment!

 Having travelled and associated with various cultures across the globe UK,Europe and FAR East ,its extremely admiring to see how humbly she interacts and portrays how a true leader should evolve,participate,lead to drive and develop the power of Vision in people.

 She is a also a "certified corporate trainer” and a competent career coach. As a trainer, Raina has touche thousands of lives of fantastic people and helped them to improve their life, resolve their issues, induce the CHANGE, develop a strong self belief and utilizing their INNER POTENTIAL.She is also one of the only 25 mentors associated in 2017 with Indo-Swiss-UK Company THRIVETOCONNECT!

 Some topics I train include:

1. Re LIVE your Relationship - "STRENGTHEN ur BOND”

2. Transformational Leadership 

3. The UNIQUE U !--

4. Anger and stress management 

5. Women empowerment programs


She’s one of the most dyanamic motivational and impactful trainers .Simple tweaks and tips helps others to be super productive is what she truly believes .Her only message to participants lies in the statement -The  Only Mantra to SUCCESS "Be HAPPY IN what U DO and Leave the little things and only FOCUS on the ONE THING - THE GOAL"

detailed word document of my profile /resume is at COREGYAN.COM

Contact No. 7977924138


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