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Will Power, Won’t Power

27th February 2018  3.30

Speaker's Bio

Prof. Cheelu Chandran



I am Professor Cheelu Chandran. I am the CEO and Founder of DeBox. I am a Self-Love Life Coach, Therapist and Healer.

I hold a degree in Psychology, Journalism and Literature and a P.G Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have been in the field of counselling for over 15 years.

I have presented papers at the World Congress of Alternative Medicine where I received the title of Professor for my contribution towards holistic wellness. I was a freelance trainer before I launched my company DeBox.

I am a singer, actor, dancer, writer and I have discovered a new way of cooking that has health and taste all rolled into one. I have given several dance performances and have choreographed for two shows. I have acted on stage and in fact am acting in a play coming up in October. My self-help book is in the process of completion.

The meaning of DeBox is:

Think out of the box

Live out of the box

Destroy the box – DeBox

One of my personal mottos is:

"If I can, you can too”


 Email ID. 
Mobile No. +91-9920995484



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