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Seminars by Mr. Umesh Soman
22 nd
NOV 2010
MON 3:30pm

Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Speaker: Mr. Umesh Soman

04 th
AUG 2010
WED 3:30pm
27 th
MAY 2010
THU 3:30pm

NLP & Self-Motivation

Speaker: Mr. Umesh Soman

02 nd
APR 2010
FRI 3:30 pm

Relationship Management

Speaker: Mr. Umesh Soman

16 th
FEB 2010
TUE 3:30 pm

Dissolve Stress with communication

Speaker: Mr. Umesh Soman

20 th
JAN 2010
WED 3:30 pm

NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Speaker: Mr. Umesh Soman

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