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06 th
SEP 2018
THU 3.30pm
04 th
SEP 2018
TUE 3.30pm

Panchkarma – Need of the day

Speaker: Dr. Akanksha Tripathi

03 rd
SEP 2018
MON 3.30pm

Career Growth and Satisfaction

Speaker: Dr. Swati Deepak

01 st
SEP 2018
SAT 3.30pm

From Reading to Healing

Speaker: Mr. Sudhir Pai

31 st
AUG 2018
FRI 3.30pm

Smile the Happiness of Life

Speaker: Ms. Varshha Paatkar

30 th
AUG 2018
THU 3.30pm

Inner Cleansing

Speaker: Ms. Payal Goda

29 th
AUG 2018
WED 3.30pm

Importance of Pre and Post Marital Therapy

Speaker: Ms. Paulomi Pandit Upadhyay

28 th
AUG 2018
TUE 3.30pm

What Really is Surrender?

Speaker: Ms. Ashwini Chube

27 th
AUG 2018
MON 3.30pm

Homeopathy in Dengue Fevers

Speaker: Dr. Rahul Joshi

25 th
AUG 2018
SAT 4.00pm

Qigong – Taijiquan for Spine Health

Speaker: Sifu Carlton Hill



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