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How Do I Know That My Child Has A Learning Disability ?

7th February 2012  03:30pm

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Vidushi Chaudhry


Vidushi Chaudhry is a Special Educator and Public Speaker, specializing in working with children struggling with reading, writing, language and learning difficulties. She has been working with struggling learners for the last six years, in both Mumbai and Delhi.  

Vidushi worked for a year at the NGO Learning Matters in Delhi, where she worked one-on-one with children with learning disabilities. She trained using a diagnostic-prescriptive approach, became a Schools Attuned practioner and did intensive remedial as well as curriculum- based intervention programmes. She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology, a diploma in Managing Special Needs and is currently pursuing Bachelors in Education.  

Vidushi moved to Mumbai and took up the challenge of working with struggling students in the environs of the academically rigourous Cathedral and John Connon School. She worked in Primary School, with grades two to four, providing both parallel and remedial help to students struggling to gain English proficiency. She built her reputation as an innovative and thinking educator here, due to the high rate of mainstreaming amongst her students.  

Vidushi was given additional curriculum development responsibilities every year at Cathedral and collaborated with Usha and the Hindi department to create CDs to support children’s learning of Hindi. She was responsible for the creation and compilation of CDs for grade 2 to grade 7, where children are exposed to conversations, songs, poetry and advertisements to learn functional Hindi. She also helped in creating and setting up an English differential reading programme in the Primary section.  

The post of Workshop Coordinator for the Cathedral School Workshops was created for Vidushi. This new venture was to conduct teacher training for the professional development of the teaching community. Vidushi organized ten workshops in a year in areas as varied as articulation, technology, lesson planning, handwriting, spelling and special needs. She was a speaker herself at three successful teacher training workshops on reading strategies, managing special needs and thinking skills. She has also been a guest speaker at the Orkids Institute for Higher Learning where she taught postgraduate students studying learning disabilities.  

At Mindsprings, Vidushi runs one-on-one remedial classes for students with learning difficulties, teaches the Empowering English curriculum, works with gifted students, coordinates an English Teacher training programme and is a partner at the Mindsprings Enrichment Centre in Worli.  

Vidushi envisages a world where individual learning differences are celebrated and all schools have resource rooms to meet the needs of struggling learners. She is committed to spreading awareness about learning differences amongst educators, parents and policy makers and becoming an advocate and a spokesperson for learning disabilities.  



MINDSPRINGS was started in the year 2002 by Usha Pandit to contribute positively to Indian Education, after returning from a decade of teaching abroad in three countries.  Gifted education was unheard of and bright and exceptionally intelligent children were not considered to have any special needs. In Bangalore, talks on awareness to parents and teachers, and a few sessions of enrichment programmes for gifted thinkers kicked off the company’s journey in gifted education.  In 2004, Mindsprings began enrichment programmes for the students of Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai and has since been running successful after-school programmes for grades from 2 to 8. The year-old Mindsprings Enrichment Centre at Worli will enable exceptionally bright children from all schools to access these programmes.

Mindsprings began its first consultancy project at Oasis International School, Bangalore in 2002. Concept mapping, curriculum design, teacher training and workshops were done. This was followed by a short consulting stint with SGKM School, Ghatkopar Mumbai in 2006.  In 2004, Usha became the Academic consultant to the Cathedral & John Connon Consultancy and has ushered in spectacular pioneering changes. English, Hindi and History have seen revolutionary changes in the last six years.  Mindsprings has been retained by the Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala to do their school academic audit in 2010.

Mindsprings Publishing was born in the year 2009 in response to the need to publish and market the highly successful English textbook series \"Empowering English” produced in 2007. In 2010, one more winner \"Writing with Ease” was added to the Mindsprings Publishing stable. The books are aimed at demystifying learning and creating empowerment for children. Books in grammar, spelling, poetry and reading are on the anvil.

The first Mindsprings Enrichment Centre at Worli opened in July 2010, where Vidushi Chaudhry, specialising in education for the learning disabled, partners Usha Pandit. Besides enrichment for the gifted, programmes for struggling learners, creative writing, nature club, early bright thinkers, teacher training and parent workshops are being conducted. Usha and Vidushi bring their joint expertise to reach across the two ends of the special needs spectrum and fill in all the creative spaces in between.

In the future, Mindsprings envisions centres in different parts of the city and pan-India franchises to make available programmes, consultancy, workshops, and networking that will contribute to enriching education and empowering for children, teachers and schools.


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