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Simple Techniques To Develop And Improve Your Memory Skills.

3rd February 2012  04:00pm

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Sushant Mysorekar


Mr. Sushant Mysorekar a Certified Professional Councilor, Memory Athlete and Coach, an Internationally recognized Educator, Writer & Author. An Executive Member for National Memory Council of India. He has a unique combination of academic expertise and training along with extensive business and life experience. His business career includes more than 15 years in corporate, government and public sectors. Early in his corporate career worked on student centric projects, employment and service oriented prospects with schools, universities and corporate. 

Mr. Sushant Mysorekar started his Brain related counseling practice since last 4 years .Later he transitioned out of institution into coaching, - a certified trainer with gold medal and national memory athlete  a pi world ranker has trained more than thousands of participants in India, US, Dubai, Thailand and Israel. Mission being to transform participants learning style by providing tested techniques throughout the globe.

Sushant Mysorekar is ranked among Top 20 in Random Numbers and Random words event during the National Memory Championship held in 2010 at Hyderabad.

He is listed in World Memory Sports Council, London. He stands 7th in India and 18th in Asia in PI world ranking list (updated September 2011). He regularly delivers lectures in Corportes, University, Schools & Colleges and post articles, blogs, videos on websites. In order to help people all over the globe he has started a program in order to make everyone realize the extraordinary power of their brain. Presently pursuing M.A(psychology) for achieving excellence and authenticity in dealing with aptitude of children and elders.


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