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Take Charge Of Your Health - The Vegan Way

23rd April 2011  3:30pm

Event Description

All Of Us Want To Be Healthy But Unfortunately Many Of Us End Up Damaging Our Own Health Unknowingly -  By Indulging In Practices That Outwardly Seem Ok, But Actually Do End Up Causing A Lot Of Problems.  There Are Many Factors That Influence Our Health But The One That We Have The Most Control On Is Our Diet, Which Is What This Talk Focuses On

The Talk Examines What Diet Seems To Be Most Suitable For Human Beings, From The Anatomical, Nutritional And Psychological Points Of View. It Examines Whether A Plant-based Diet Meets This Criterion Or Whether An Animal-based Diet Is More Appropriate.  The Scientific Evidence Available To Support This Contention And Also Show The Links Between Health (and Disease) .. And Our Diet. Is Also Discussed.  The Power Of A Plant Based Diet To Prevent And Even Reverse Lifestyle Diseases Is Discussed.

Most People Agree That A Vegetarian Diet Seems To Be More Healthy Than A Non-vegetarian One, But Are Unaware Of The Health Issues That Abound Even In A Vegetarian Diet.  Primarily These Pertain To The Overuse Of Cooked, Refined, Processed Food In The Diet And Overconsumption Of Dairy Products. Each Of These Aspects Is Looked At Into Some Detail

The Talk Ends With A Discussion Of The Support System Provided By Sharan To People Who Wish To Reverse Their Lifestyle Diseases Or Embark On A Change To A Plant Based Diet And To Take Charge Of Their Own Health.

This Video Is A Talk By Mr.Peter Theobald At HELP On 23rd April,11. Topic "Take Charge Of Your Health - The Vegan Way ". Mr.Peter Theobald Can Be Contacted At 9324507156. This Is Part Of The HELP Talk Series At HELP, Health Education Library For People, The Worlds Largest Free Patient Education Library

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Mr. Peter Theobald


Mr.Peter Theobald is a Sharan Lifestyle Advisor, associated with the NGO Sharan ( His basic activities are to give talks to people on natural health issues, ie. how they can take charge of and improve their health by natural means, primarily a healthful plant-based. One-on-one consultancies are also available

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