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( By Nilima Mehta )

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A Word About The Book

Ours by choice is born out of the enrichment I have experienced through my work in the field of adoption, and through my association with adoptive parents and children who have sensitised me to their needs . . . and touched my heart.

My interest and involvement in the process of adoption begin in 1975. For quite some time, the idea of writing a book for adoptive parents had remained a seed in my mind. As a result of the support and encouragement I received from a number of people, this seed has germinated and I am very grateful to all those who made it possible.

I wish to express my gratitude first to my colleagues at the Family Service Centre, Bombay, and to Mrs. Usha Modak, my mentor who introduced me to the field of adoption.

I owe the reality of this book in many ways to Mr. Gerry Pinto of UNICEF. His concern expressed at various meetings and informal discussions for materials to support non-institutional services and particularly in-country adoption, for destitute children has played a role in motivating me to write this book. He has made valuable contributions to this book’s style and structure, for which I am grateful.

For the designing of the book, I owe a very special thanks to my friend, Gita Simoes, who has given all of herself to this endeavour.

My thanks to Jennifer Talwalker for reading the manuscript and offering her valuable suggestions.

I also thank Enid Boccaro and Eliza Fernandes for typing the manuscript. A grateful acknowledgement to Clare Talwalker and C.Y. Gopinath for their personal involvement and help in editing and layout.

And finally a very special word of appreciation to my parents and my parents- in-law who have constantly supported and encouraged me in all my efforts. I sincerely hope that this effort of mind, modest though it might be, will touch the hearts of those for whom adoption is a possibility, as well as adoptive parents, adoptees and all others in the field of adoption.